I’ve always had a tendency to lose things. I used to lose my shoes with regularity when I was a toddler. I’d misplace my toys practically all the time as a child. The closest I’ve ever come to death was when I lost my brother’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers power coin (Mastodon), and he attacked

’m in a situation. A situation that require a delicate, financial touch that I feel I do not possess. My dog has started running the family finances. Some time ago I enrolled him ina Doggy Finance degree, thinking that it would be an opportunity for him to help out a bit more around the house.

I never knew that marriage could be like this. Actually, I never even knew a relationship could be like this. My wife and I were in a long -distance relationship for two years directly before we got married. We’d met at a conference, where we instantly felt a connection, before she had to return to

’ve been having a problem lately, and it involves my dog. He’s a miniature poodle, snowy white, and I take very good care of his coat. In fact, I treat him like my little angel. But events lately have driven a wedge in our relationship. You see, I used to live in quite a leafy

I’ve been having a problem with my son lately. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I need some help. See, he’s got this idea in his head that he wants to be an urban explorer. Now he’s 23, and also an independent man, so i don’t want to impose upon his

Everything changed when my Uncle came to stay. Ours was a peaceful household, ruled by love and compassion, filled with laughter, girded in loyalty and friendship. Then my Uncle came, and things were different from then on. My Uncle used to be a Brisbane mortgage broker, and was legendary in his field. People would come

I’m having a security issues you might be able to help me with. Recently, my Great Aunt passed away, bless her heart. She was a dear, and we often visited since we were both in the same general area. She had this bunch of animal figurines, handcrafted by her late husband, and we placed them

I’m a tradesperson, from a long line of tradespeople. Everyone in our family, male or female, feels the call towards the life of a tradie. We’re fascinated by electrical circuits, wooden beams, heavy machinery…anything that could possibly be a trade. My father was a builder, my mother was a building inspector. My older sister became

I find myself in need of some guidance. My hamster recently passed away, and I’ve been torn between funeral options. In fact, most of the Perth funeral directors I’ve spoke to don’t seem to be interested in giving him a proper send-off; in fact, many have a strictly ‘humans only’ policy. Must be a Perth