My garden…is complete! It’s ALIVE! I just get very excited when talking about the garden, because it’s so full of living things, and I’m the one who made it all happen. I am gardener supreme, and you must all bow before my majesty as master of all living things! I’m excited again…but it’s for a

Y’know what’s scary? Artificial turf. Oh, it’s wonderful alright. So very realistic, and it actually feels nice beneath your toes. But still, I find myself afraid. The first time I encountered artificial turf in Melbourne, I thought it was real grass, just rolled up in a big roll. So basically, they just took a roll

Ever since I was very young, I’ve known that I had a gift. I can hear TV signals, radio signals, internet waves…whatever you call them. I just have to listen, and I can tune into whatever’s flying through the air. I know it sounds rather comic book, but I’ve gotten quite good at it..,and I

I don’t suppose you get many people asking for advice all the way from America. But I’m a sock dealer by trade, and that causes some people to look down on me. You wouldn’t think so, with the way I provide mens dress socks for powerful businessmen, keeping their toes toasty and warm during those

My life is a confusing whirlwind of…stuff. It’s so confusing when many good and bad things all happen at once. For example, my grandmother just died, but that’s not the bad part since I only met her when I was about two. She lived in the Andes and very rarely ever came down, but was

They say when two friends fight, it shows that they really care about each other. Well, that’s a load of baloney. I’ve had a friend for years, from way back when we were in primary school. We liked the same sports, watched the same shows, practically lived at each other’s houses growing up. After we

Can we ever truly know another person? What does it mean to find inner peace? And why did Cadbury discontinue their triple-deck line of chocolate blocks when they were clearly so delicious? Crystal, I know you are a seeker of truth as I am. You must have pondered these things are more deep in your

I can’t say that I have ever been accused of being the outdoorsy type. I’m not interesting in going camping, not have I ever been. Growing up my family would take trips to the wilderness, I would spend that weekend with my grandparents. Honestly, I would rather walk through the shopping centre than go on

So there’s this one light switch. It’s on the wall of my kitchen. And it’s driving me nuts. See, I’m what you might call the investigative sort. I absolutely cannot abide the thought of something being in my home that MIGHT do something, but remains an unknown. Now, my Dad used to do some electrician