It had been a long week at work. I was so busy It felt like two weeks had passed, I would get home late and fall asleep on the couch every night. It seems like time is passing faster when you’re busy, when you’re doing boring work, it feels like a long time. I had

My name is Cherry, and I wanted to know about cooling systems. I know that that sort of thing isn’t really my area, and I know it’s yours (as everything is your area). I just wanted to know what your thoughts were on the different schools of thought in regards to air con repair versus

I have been worried for a long time that this dinner party I’m throwing for my boss is going to go hopelessly, and that I’ll never get that promotion that i wanted to get. I hope that it doesn’t go that badly but I have the sneaking suspicion that it will .I need to combat

I’ve hit a snag when deciding what to do with my career. See, I love to paint, landscapes mostly. It’s a hobby at the moment, but I’d genuinely like to make it my career. The thing is, I already work…as a Melbourne exterior painter. It’s still painting, but a very different form. The issue lies

I spend way too much time thinking about food. It’s all I ever want to do, eat until I feel sick and then eat some more. You can imagine how excited I was when my sister asked me to organise the catering for her wedding. I knew exactly what to do. I had been to

I was just wondering if the coast is clear for me and my partner to start looking for a house soon. I know that it’s still not the month of Saturn and that the convergence isn’t going to happen for another 607 years, but I don’t think we can wait that long; we want to

My parents house is in dire need of repair. They retired a few years ago to a quint little seaside cottage after selling our family home. They live on top of a cliff surrounded by trees with a spectacular view or the bay. The cottage really needs a few coats of paint, it has been

The recent trend of double glazing all of the windows has reached the nation’s capital, and I am happy to say I have not given in to peer pressure just yet, although I am severely tempted to. I really want to get some double glazing, as I hear all of this amazing stuff about it.

The pot holes and driveways need doing in my home, and around the property, but I don’t know how to go about it. I tried to look up in the stars for guidance but I have not gotten it yet. I figured it will come in due time, when I am truly ready to receive

I am concerned about the future of my girl, my ute. Gas bottle holders might be able to hold my dreams, if I am able to get them installed on my new ute. Her name is Charlene, and she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. She is 2.5 tonnes of pure, raw