Despite all this talk of tolerance, women’s rights and people generally not being okay with overt racism, this tolerant society just isn’t what people think it is. There’s still so much work left to do. For example, I, a masculine male with full confidence in my masculinity, cannot wear my favourite bright pink shirt in

When was it decided that cats say ‘meow’? If you really think about it, they don’t at all. It’s more of a…well, it can’t really be typed, because it’s cat speak. We can only make an approximation, which is why many different countries have different ways of representing animal speak. I remember something about that

We live in a super-stressed world. I mean, really stressed. People just can’t seem to stop moving for three seconds, and you try to get them to stop moving and they just tell you to mind your own business before walking away sipping their ultra-venti Starbucks coffee. I mean, you could blame all the coffee,

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Christmas in July, that is! My family adores the celebration of Christmas, so that’s why we like to do it every year…twice! It’s a bit more low-key in the middle of July, as opposed to the big one in December, but it’s the same basic principle: family

Crystal, I’m in an impossible situation. For decades, centuries, my family have lived in this suburban 34th story Melbourne home, complete with built-in washer drier, dishwasher, air conditioning and fully-functional intercom. Yep, our proud family line has enjoyed this luxury for so many years, decades, centuries, but it could all be taken away so very

I’ve made a lot of mistakes, in both life and quite recently. In fact, I took part in quite a slanderous and violent campaign against some people who probably didn’t deserve it. We were finally proved wrong, and our organisation returned to Perth where we belonged. I did not go with them. We did so

I want to start my renovations in the bathroom and work my way out of the hallway and into the kitchen and then the rest of the house. I’ll then move to the backyard and finally finish my garden landscaping which has so far taken me 6 months. I don’t even want to try and

My garden…is complete! It’s ALIVE! I just get very excited when talking about the garden, because it’s so full of living things, and I’m the one who made it all happen. I am gardener supreme, and you must all bow before my majesty as master of all living things! I’m excited again…but it’s for a

Y’know what’s scary? Artificial turf. Oh, it’s wonderful alright. So very realistic, and it actually feels nice beneath your toes. But still, I find myself afraid. The first time I encountered artificial turf in Melbourne, I thought it was real grass, just rolled up in a big roll. So basically, they just took a roll