Ever since I was young, I’ve spent a majority of my time alone. I found other children’s interactions to be puerile, lacking in meaningful content and mostly devoid of educational benefit. This continued throughout my teen years, until I reached the age of twenty, at which point I was ready to forge a future as

It has been a few years since I’d had a date. I didn’t mind being single, I had my cat, I had my hobbies. Life was simple and I was ok with that, life was fine. It was lonely sometimes, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t. I kept myself busy most of

I’m turning 40 this month, and I’ve never had a boyfriend. I know that sounds a bit strange to your average person but it just never happened for me. I was shy growing up on account of my looks and had never really developed a good sense of self. I just moved from Sydney and

My pipes are talking to me. This I know for sure, despite what my friends and family have told me. See, I live in a beautiful weatherboard mansion, left to me by my Great Uncle Capernicus. Before he died, he confessed to me that his house might be haunted. Sounds scary, but hey. It was

The heating doesn’t seem to be working in the house and I’m freezing. I don’t like the cold and have always had problems with poor circulation. I wear long pants and hoodies in Summer when I’m inside because it’s always a little chilly. Most of my friends think it’s in my head but they don’t

I’m not as young as I used to be. That’s sort of a given isn’t it? Every second we get older and there isn’t anything we can do about it. I have two sons, both as which love to kick the football with their dear old dad. It’s nice to get outside and play sports

My life is in shambles. Sort of. It’s actually, in many respects going quite well. Shambles is a bit of an exaggeration. But you see, our home is a bit cold, because our heating system keeps breaking down. It’s not a regular breakdown; in fact, I can pinpoint the exact reason. You see, I’m an

I’m simultaneously overjoyed and depressed. Over the moon and wishing the ground would swallow me whole. To be perfectly honest, it’s quite an ambivalent feeling. See, my husband just went out and did something without asking me, and it’s quite a biggie. He got a pool. Well, I say ‘got’ a pool, but he actually