I am having a true crisis on a deep spiritual level, the magnitude of which I have never felt before. i simply do not what to do – I simply do not know how to act. I believe that many own spirituality is safe and pure. Long ago, I rid myself of all that was

Classical music is an important part of my family. Both Mother and Father were members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and they were first chair in each of their respective instruments. At the dinner table, we were quizzed on the history of music, from Beethoven to Howard Shore and everything in between. If we got

Don’t know if I should really be happy about this, but my house recently burned to the ground. Okay, yeah…I really shouldn’t be happy about that. A house is a massive investment that so many people aspire to, and to have it so cruelly snatched from you by something as stressful and destructive as a

I’ve been thinking a lot about polar bears recently. Apparently their habitat is disappearing, which means THEY are disappearing, and that would be a great tragedy. They’re so big and cuddly, and so very graceful when full-grown. And what’s the problem? Too much heat. Don’t we have a solution to that already? I can only

I’m starting to think that my job involves much more political intrigue than I originally signed up for. See, I have a relatively low-key job fixing heating units, doing all kinds of ducted heating services that Canberra needs. In fact, I’m often employed to work on the heating at Parliament House. It sounds very prestigious,

Oh my gosh please help. I am totally freaking out. I did something today that I have never done and am I am seriously worried about the consequences. Today, I walked under this enormous aluminium platform. I know! I mean, it’s not a ladder, but they’re so close that unless your daddy renovated like mine

My diet is ruined! Most things in my life are, in fact, ruined. My dress is probably ruined, even though I can’t say for sure. Weddings are just…the most stressful thing. You have no idea, unless you’ve been married, then you have a pretty good idea. Although at this point, I’m considering looking up tips

My life was one big ball of stress with no end in sight. I didn’t even have time to go out and get lunch, I would usually work through and then eat when I got home. It was time to start making a change, I needed a less stressful job that would allow me some

It had been a long week at work and I was ready for some rest and relaxation. I had been so busy lately that It felt like two weeks had passed. I would get home after dark and fall asleep on the couch every night. It always seems like time is passing faster when you’re

I simply can not believe that I’m going to be married soon. I’m so excited, it’s all I ever think about these days. When I’m at work I’m daydreaming of my honeymoon with my husband. We have a cruise booked to sail around the greek Islands. I don’t speak greek but I’m told you don’t