Hi, Crystal, it’s great to finally speak to you. Reading your page I’ve always felt like we had some special, spiritual connection, and so it’s an honour to write to you. What I’m writing about today is a concern that I’ve had rooted deep within me and has been growing every day. My dear friend

So I was reading my tarot cards the other day and something that I didn’t quite expect came up. Usually I find that my answers are incredibly specific, that they pertain to exactly what I’m doing and where I’m going in life. Actually, most of the time they are extremely insightful and really help me

I was soon to be planning my 18th birthday party as it was fast approaching. I began my search for ideas in a party hire Melbourne magazine. The magazine explained how popular marquee hires in Melbourne had become and that they come in all styles shapes and sizes. I spent some time examining all the

I must have advice, lest my home be lost to fire and water! Or just water! But that’s worse, somehow. I can deal with all my possessions perishing in fire, because it just feels more final. They’re gone, burned to cinders, and you can just move on. But when your house floods, everything is still

There’s a song on my mind, and it’s giving me great insight into my life. Do all songs do this once they’ve been stuck in your head for a while? I’ve just really got to know the lyrics, and they just mean something. Even for someone as lowly as me, who operates one of Brisbane’s

I think something potentially terrible, potentially awful, with the potential to bring untold misery down upon me may have occurred this morning. To fully explain the dire consequences of my ignorant action, let me start from the beginning. I began my day in my usual fashion. I woke with the sun, as I have trained

I’m having a deep, metaphysical, psychological problem that I need your aid in rectifying. I know that at this point on in my sad, sorry life, I want – nay, desperately crave – change. Through my extensive consultations with the cards, the tea leaves, and the spirits, I have come to the realisation that it

I have had a very strange spiritual convergence and desperately require your help. I am worried that I am losing myself and becoming something that even your light will not be able to help guide me back from. To allow you to understand the deep, personal significance of my problem, allow me to recount what

I am having a true crisis on a deep spiritual level, the magnitude of which I have never felt before. i simply do not what to do – I simply do not know how to act. I believe that many own spirituality is safe and pure. Long ago, I rid myself of all that was

Classical music is an important part of my family. Both Mother and Father were members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and they were first chair in each of their respective instruments. At the dinner table, we were quizzed on the history of music, from Beethoven to Howard Shore and everything in between. If we got