Oh, Crystal…how I love the earth. As in the ground upon which we stand. Humans were always meant to walk along the ground, and that’s why we were given legs. If you think about it, legs are the perfect tool for ground-travel, and I can back that up with hard science. Swimming is no good.

For all my mad skills, I’m glad you’re here, Crystal. I don’t trust any of those online advice people/agony aunts who proclaim that they have the answers to everything. Sometimes what you really need is someone with their head screwed on right for once. So, I mentioned skills. I tend to pick up things pretty

I’m in need of guidance…and not from friends. Friends are unreliable, they let you down and Farah said that she’d never even TOUCHED  healing crystal in her life. Can you believe it? Uh, instant Visage-Tome unfriend, I say. Honestly, I’m amazed Farah is even alive; I keep telling her to drink Kombucha tea like the

I’m having a problem at the moment. You see, I can’t quite manage to sort out the spiritual energy of my home. I need to have a pure and good environment, otherwise I feel the darker influences I’ve been running from my entire life, so while this may seem silly to some, it’s extremely important

Oh Crystal, I’m so glad someone recommended you to me! I have such questions, so many queries about various things. Various things! So there’s this wise woman who I feel I know quite well, because I read her blog, listen to her audio CDs and have a hand-painted portrait of her actually talking to a

Over the last few months I’ve found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with my work. When I went into palm reading, all those years ago, I thought I’d found my true calling. I knew that this would be a chance for me to use my gifts to genuinely help people, to make a difference in their

I had this really strange dream last night, which of course I wrote down in its entirety in my dream journal, and I’m just still really confused about what it might mean. I went to see my own, personal psychic, but I found her answer less than satisfactory, so I’ve decided to write in a

With a name like ‘Champski’, I think it’s pretty obvious that I was born to start a zoo. Champski’s Zoo will be a travelling sensation that keeps audiences entertained while providing homeless animals with comfortable and humane surroundings. Or maybe I’ll keep it grounded in one city, so that the world may flock to me.

I know this may sound rather paranoid, but I think someone’s been looking at my mail. I’ve had this suspicion for a while now, but it’s only in the last couple of days that I’ve got confirmation that someone is taking my mail and potentially constructing the foundation for identity theft. It’s happened once or

Hi Crystal, I’d just like to say firstly that it’s an honour to be featured on your column. Thanks for hearing me out. Here’s my problem: I’m direly unphotogenic. I know a lot of people think they look bad in photos or don’t photograph well, but me, I’m particularly ugly when printed on celluloid. You’re